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Eco team

Our Eco-team consists of volunteer pupils from both KS1 and KS2. The Eco team meet once a half-term, and we explore a wide range of topics related to the environment.  The pupils explored looking after our environment with a focus on recycling, making things clean, using the garden each week and discussing different topics as well as completing different activities.

Group litter picking/litter picking.       

Whilst discussing what we could do to help look after our environment, the pupils said we should ‘keep it clean’. We taught the pupils how to use the litter pickers and explored the school grounds, collecting any litter we could find. 

One pupil said, “People never throw their rubbish in the bin, they leave it on the floor and that’s dangerous to birds. They could die. We need to make sure all the rubbish is where it should be.”

The pupils returned each week telling us stories about their experiences of seeing the litter around their home environments, and what they thought could be done.  





The Eco-team were presented with opportunities to follow through on their request to make their school look better.  They were provided with sensory richness and the team decided to plant them in the  garden to allow EYFS pupils to smell, touch, look and make the sensory garden look more inviting.